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Research and Development

Our international R&D arm has very vast experience in research, analysis, demonstrations, deployments, innovation, public policy initiatives, product development, market research, technology and systems life cycles development. Some of our leading edge program areas include:

  • Education, Learning and Training
  • Management and Leadership Solutions
  • Systems, Software and Database Engineering
  • Simulation and Virtual Reality
  • Communications Solutions Engineering
  • Content ManagementGraphic Design
  • Capacity and Strength Building
  • Youth Engagement and Women Empowerment
  • Financial and Government Programs Management
  • Public Policy, Advocacy, Legal Framework
  • Media, Art and Design
  • Quality Assurance and Management
  • Healthcare, Defence, Aviation and Industry
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Journal of Advance Research in Sciences, Engineering and Technology {JARSET}
Publish original (and reprints) research papers and articles. Unpublished papers are peer reviewed.