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Consulting Services

  1. Management Consulting
  2. Human Resources and Organizational Development
  3. Education and Training
  4. Technical and Solutions Engineering
  5. Finance and Accounting
  6. Audit and Risk Analyses

Management Consulting

Our management consulting practice spans a wide array of international organizations and vertical and horizontal industries portfolio. We advise companies on business models, processes, resource utilization, management efficiency, outputs and outcomes of their processes and practices, aligning strategic goals and targets to vision, mission, philosophy and purpose. Innovation, ingenuity, out of the box approach and drive in formulating, setting up and Business Process Reengineering are a very frequent part of our solutions and offerings.

Human Resources and Organizational Development

Smart Solutions has been helping small and large organizations in developing human resources and building capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness. We help in HR and OD practices to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and economy by bringing change in organizational structure, processes, strategy, people and culture by developing new and creative organizational solutions. Our range of services include Change management, Strategic planning, Team development, Human resource management interventions, Facilitation and group problem solving, Training solutions, Management and leadership development, Administrators Consultation Programs.

Education and Training

Smart Solutions offers state of the art education and training programs at all levels for organizations, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in:
Human Resources Management Renewable and Alternative Energy
Management and leadership Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemicals
Behavioral Sciences Treatment and Chemical Engineering
Train the Trainers M‚Äčaterials Management and Procurement
Finance and Accounting Warehousing and Logistics
Investment and Banking Electronics, Communications and Computers
Social Sciences Media, Arts, Information and Entertainment
Project and Program Management Healthcare, Safety and Environment
Simulation and Modelling Entrepreneurship and Business
Defence and Strategic Studies Secretarial and Modern Office Management
Marketing and Sales Security, Law enforcement and Investigations
E-governance Sciences, Engineering and Technology
Aviation and Aeronautics Capacity Building and Women Empowerment
Hospitality and Tourism Executive and Leadership Development
This is not an all-inclusive list, we custom design client-specific programs in all disciplines and at all levels of learning using our extensively effective Training Needs Assessment Matrices. We strive to be the best in the industry by exceeding our patrons’ expectations and delivering par excellence services.

Technical and Solutions Engineering

Smart Solutions is a premier company in the MENA region offering strategic, technical, business and administrative help. Our areas of expertise are not limited to:
Design and formulation of strategic plans Program and Project Management
Strategic planning, feasibility studies Management Information systems
Auditing and reporting Framework Development
Organizational planning and development Human resource development
Training Needs Analyses Strategic planning and implementation
Business processes Reengineering Complex Systems Development
Quality Assurance and Management Performance Measurement and Auditing
System Design for Balanced Scorecard
Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting Systems Cost and Inventory Control Systems
Books and Record Keeping Auditing and Internal Controls
Investment Designs and Portfolios Financial Analyses and Management
Programs and Projects Assessment Design, Management and Auditing
Audit, Risk Analysis and Reporting

Our services in the areas of audit, risk analysis and reporting include integrated, assessments, project management, operations, financial systems reporting, validity and reliability of information, assessment of internal controls, statistical sampling, audit and assurance standard, effectiveness of internal control, risk-based, governance requirements, independent evaluation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, statutory, internal and external, safety, security, systems’ performance, regulatory, and academic audits, evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product.